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Matapos Maputol ang Kanyang mga Braso Dahil sa Isang Aksidente, Iniwan sya ng Kanyang Mister, 10 Taon ang Nakalipas at Nagkita Ulit Sila Pero sa Magkabaliktad na Sitwasyon

Life is hard, we often hear this, and most of us experience the hardship that continues to push us every day. So to live, you’ve got to work hard to achieve success.

Some took the easy way and marry a rich lady but without that hardworking person, can you still stand on your own two feet? Here’s a story of a man who was lazy and spoiled that’s why he did not get anything much out of life.

A man named Fred lived the hard way. Since he was a baby, he was orphaned. His parents died in an accident, but his aunt took him in. Unfortunately, his aunt is poor, so he grew up resorting to begging on the street to be able to put food on the table.

Fred did not go to school, so he didn’t qualify for most jobs he applied for.

He does not have any skills either, and at the age of 30, he is still single. How can he provide for a woman if he can’t even provide for himself?

However, his aunt introduced him to a girl named, Vivian and married her. Even though she was overweight and not exactly pretty, Vivian had a very positive outlook on life which makes her interesting.

You see, Vivian is the complete opposite of Fred. So as Fred lazed around, Vivian worked hard on a farm to provide for them.

But Vivian’s meager income was not enough for the both of them, so she decided to borrow money from her relatives and put up a restaurant. Her restaurant was a huge success, soon after they were able to buy a house and a car. 

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Fred remained lazy and was content in asking money from his wife. But fate had other plans, as Vivian who was hurrying to get home, got into an accident.

Luckily Vivian survived, but the doctors had to cut her arms off since they were badly squashed on the accident. Vivian who woke up after surgery and learned her fate started to cry. Fred came, and when he knew she lost both her arms, he left her for good and filed a divorce.

Vivian was very depressed, losing both her arms and a husband all in one day. She received $11,000 from the divorce while her husband got everything. 

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For months Vivian cursed the day of the accident, until one day she decided to stand back up for herself. Using the money she received from her divorce, she put up a restaurant again. She hired people to help her until she can decide how to adjust working with no hands.

On the other hand, Fred kept on gambling and had a girlfriend. But soon after he lost everything, his girlfriend left him. He then again went back to his old doings and started begging for money on the street. 

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Ten years passed, as Fred was on the street, he saw a luxurious car stop near him. A gorgeous lady came out, so he came rushing to her asking for money. When their eyes met, Fred realized the gorgeous woman was Vivian!

She now has prosthetic hands which were being held by Vivian’s new husband. Vivian was surprised to see Fred, but she cooly said, “Thanks to you for leaving me, now, I can finally find my happiness.

You will never understand how hard it was for me ten years ago when you took everything I had and left me!” With that note, she walked away from Fred feeling happy she was able to say that in front of him for so long.

Life can be ironic and funny. But one thing’s for sure, if you work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams.

source: goodtimes


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