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Meet Adolf Hitler's Last Surviving Food Taster, 96. She Said that 'I never saw Hitler, but I had to risk my life for him every day'.

Have you ever thought of being a food taster? The job sounds so appealing, right? But apparently, being a food taster is not just a walk in a park, especially when you’re forced to eat everything that has been prepared for Adolf Hitler. 

Margot Woelk, Hitler’s last surviving food taster, revealed every secret together with her experiences when she was forced to work as a food taster for the infamous dictator.

The now 99 years old Margot Woelk was first forced to work for the Nazi Leader.

She was only 25 years old when she was given the task of tasting Hitler’s food to test whether it was safe enough for him to eat. In other words, to ensure that they had not been poisoned.

Woelk together with other 14 young women has enlisted the role of being one of Hitler’s food tasters by S.S or Schutzstaffel ( meaning ‘Protection Squadron’)

She has been long reluctant to reveal it all but soon broke her silence as she revealed that Hitler was in fact, a vegan.

She also added that all the meals that he ate mainly consists of rice, pasta, beans, and cauliflowers.

To say that the women were all scared to take the positions is a huge understatement. They were all frightened to the point that her, along with the other female food tasters used to “cry like dogs”. They were however very grateful to survive every meal.

Woelk’s stated that her job consists of being forced to taste the meals and waiting for an hour after the tasting session. She would always cry in pure relief every time she survived an hour after the tasting session without showing any symptoms of food poisoning.

She recalled her experience of being forced to take this dangerous job after fleeing from Berlin. She used to live with her in-laws after her husband was deployed into the army.

Luck was not on her side because Hitler’s military headquarter known as the Wolf’s Lair just happened to be nearby her in-laws’ house.

“The S.S. came for me that day. They told me I would be paid, I think it was around 300 Reichmarks,” she said.

“And that became my job. I felt like a lab rabbit. But if you learned one thing about life in Nazi Germany, it was that you didn’t argue with the S.S.”

Woelk’s typical food rations were usually just coffee made from roasted acorns, sawdust, and fatty margarine, so even though she knew that she was playing with fire with this dangerous job, she can’t help but to enjoy the heavenly taste of the foods.

“The freshest of vegetables, the best fruit. I shoved to the back of my mind that it might be poisoned because it all tasted so nice” Woelk recalled her experience.

Woelk also admitted that she never really met Hitler due to the tight security. She only saw his Alsatian dog Blondi, but she did see him walking around sometimes.

All the young female food tasters were given strong protection, which did not stop one of the S.S officers from raping and violating her rights.

Fortunately, an S.S officer who was kind enough saved her by telling her to escape the military headquarter as the German’s Nazi Party was becoming weaker with the Red Army slowly advancing in.

She managed to escape her misery when she found a place on the train used by the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, she then fled Berlin in ruins.

But it turns out that Woelk’s suffering was far from done when the Red Army moved to Berlin, they, unfortunately, found her hiding and raped her.

Woelk stated that they were held and raped for 14 days, she described it as “hell on earth” as the nightmare and sufferings just never went away.

“I tried to say I had TB, which I was infected. It did not do any good. They held me for 14 days and nights and raped me. After they finished, I was never able to conceive. I always wanted a daughter when I reached 50, I thought, if I had a daughter she would be 25 now. But sadly that never happened” said Woelk.

She was the only one who survived the war. All the other 14 food tasters had been rounded and shot to death by the advancing Red Army. In 1946, Woelk’s husband was finally allowed to come after being detained for two years in a Soviet POW camp. They lived for 45 years since their reunion but soon separated when Karl passed away in 1990.

Instead of sulking, she decided not to take it all seriously. After all, “Out of all suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Margot Woelk proved to us that after everything that she’s been through, she is and will always be a strong woman.

source: telegraph


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