Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Meet the Stunningly Beautiful Daughter of Kapuso Actress Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao Who Caught the Attention of Netizens on Social Media

Looking at the young versions of our favorite actors and actresses inevitably brings a smile to anyone. Even witnessing the life of our beloved star makes us feel they are close to us. So when the youngest daughter of Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao, had made herself known on social media, people instantly like her.

The 18-year-old, Arabella Davao looks entirely gorgeous on her social media posts. Her beauty matches with Jackie’s beauty and some had commented that Arabella has what it takes to be a celebrity like her parents. 

Not only that, but Arabella has also been making lots of friends in the industry and would indulge in different adventures together with her friends. She was usually seen along with actress, Janine Guittierez. Could she be eyeing showbiz?

Arabella likes surfing, and people have been wondering if she is considering joining the industry. But looking at the photos she posted, it seems she has a soul of an adventurer. 

Most of her adventures consist of water and nature. One photo even featured our crystal blue ocean that shined beautifully. One would assume that the photo was taken in Palawan. Who would blame her, our country is absolutely beautiful.

You cannot deny she’s stunning even without makeup and with a messy hairdo. 

Even her smile is charming enough to captivate anyone.

Even though she’s one pretty lady, it is also evident that she loves hanging out with family and friends. We can all agree that’s the most important thing of all. They are the support system we need in our lives to be able to conquer our daily obstacles.


Can you believe she’s only 18? Most girls are still waiting for normal body parts to come yet Arabella has already bloomed to be a stunning lady.

Don’t you think she has what it takes to be in showbiz?

source: thereadersfeed


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