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Woman Divorced Her Husband After He Lost His Legs In an Accident. But What Happened 3 Years Later Made Her Immediately Regret His Decision

Being married means to stick together through thick and thin, through sickness and in health and whatever happens, always choose to love each other all times.

Life does love throwing us huge challenges that will make us surrender and leave the burden. That was one wife’s choice when her husband got into an accident. It was one huge challenge for her, and in the end, she regrets her decision.

The woman shared her story when she met her husband who was living in the same village as her. Her husband’s family is known to be a wealthy family in their village, and she was known to be the most beautiful maiden in their village.

They both met through a matchmaker, and her husband immediately fell in love with her. In that same day, her parents asked for a dowry in exchange for her hand in marriage. Her husband’s parents agreed and gave them the money, so in that same day, there were married.

Even if they did not know each other quite well before they got married, her husband was a good husband. He would provide for them both, and she would look after their house.

One day her husband’s business partner named, Liang came to visit, and she could tell that Liang was sending flirtatious glances towards her. Liang would send her gifts and often praise her beauty.

She continued to express that her life with her husband was truly developing to become something deeper. However, in a business trip, her husband was involved in a terrible accident.

Her husband was rushed to the hospital, but he was already in a coma due to cerebral bleed. It was horrifying, so much so, that her husband’s parents decided to sell their business just to pay the medical bills and her husband’s leg had to be amputated because of the crash.

It was a hard time for all of them; she had to take care of her husband all the time. Then Liang came to visit; he was very sweet and nice to her that she fell in love with him.

She then decided to divorce her husband to be with Liang. This, of course, earned resentment from her now ex-husband’s parents but the divorce went final because they do not have children to think of.

She started her new life with Liang by moving into the city. She got a job at Liang’s friend’s shop as a shopkeeper. But while her relationship with Liang started sweet, she noticed that Liang’s attitude towards her changed.

Liang would leave for days when he was bored with her. At one point, he even beat her. Her relationship with Liang lasted for three years, and now she’s working to support herself.

But things just got heavier for her when according to her, “One day, I was walking in the market when I saw a familiar figure. When I took a long look at the man, I realized that the familiar face was my ex-husband.

What was more shocking was the fact that my ex-husband could walk! I saw he came out from a brand new BMW. As soon as he turned his face, our eyes met each other. He was as surprised as I was!”

Apparently, her ex-husband had a prosthetic leg to help him walk, and everything turned out great for him. When he woke up from the hospital, he slowly built and reconnected his contacts which helped him rebuild his business.

He is also getting married to his new wife, and he asked her if she would like to attend. But according to her, “When I heard his words, I burst into tears and ran away with my face covered with my hands. That moment, all the years that I spent with Liang flashed before my eyes, and I regretted it! I shouldn’t have left my ex-husband because of the short-term sufferings.”

She regrets her decision and thought to herself that she would not be in a terrible situation if only she supported her ex-husband through his challenges. Now she shares that, “We often do not know how to cherish good moments but when we have lost it, only then would we begin to regret losing those good moments!”

This is an eye-opener to all of us married couples out there. Life is full of challenges, and you would be able to overcome it easier if you have a partner in life who would truly support you until your hardships end.

source: goodtimes


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