Friday, 16 March 2018

Woman Has Been Diagnosed with Cirrhosis (Liver Disease) After Dyeing Her Hair Every Month

With the new trends coming out yearly, new inventions also come with the solution to your vanity needs. 

Now, while certain society prefers blondes over brunettes or brunettes over raven-haired women, technology has it that now you can dye your hair to whatever color you desire. But we have to keep in mind, that these new technologies would have a side effect. 

However, here’s a story of a woman who kept dyeing her hair every month.

A woman with surname Chen, who was in her 30’s, shared her experience with new hair products that could help hide her gray hairs. ‘Cause even at that age, gray hairs start to grow. At age 40, her hairs seem to be growing fast and her hair colors to grey faster than she thought so she set up a ritual to dye her hair every month to her favorite salon.

But around two months ago, she started feeling dizzy, and her eyes changed its color to yellow. She was having difficulty to breathe too so she was rushed to the Department of Infectious Medicine in Harbin. 

There she underwent a couple of tests and found out that she had a damaged liver because she had a high amount of bilirubin inside her body. She was diagnosed to be having ten times more than a regular person. Her disease was in advanced stage of cirrhosis. 

According to her, she does not take alcohol and no drugs. So the doctors struggled to determine why she had that large amount of chemical in her liver?

As they continued questioning her, they discovered about her monthly ritual of hair dyeing and concluded that it was the main reason for the chemicals in her liver. 

Chen continued her 20 treatments for her illness, and while her liver seems to be improving, it does not mean that they can undo the damage in her liver.

Still, it is surprising to know because sometimes we apply colors to our nails too. We can only hope Chen feels well soon and doctors suggest that we leave six months interval between, before dyeing your hair.

source: buzzflare


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