Wednesday, 18 April 2018

12 Important Things that you Should Know Before Shaving Down Below

People are naturally born self-conscious, they try to shave everything such as armpits, legs, beard, chest and even down below.

However, some who tried to shave their private part ended up hurting themselves because they follow wrong methods. These wrong methods most of the times lead to serious health problems like various disease and ingrown hairs.

Here are the 12 reasons you should know before shaving down below.

1. Shaving hair on your private part is a little bit difficult.

Shaving your private part is difficult, and you need to be very careful while doing so to prevent any cuts down below. You need to choose the right method, and that is to trim a bit first before shaving it.

2. Do not just shave the private part.

Do not just shave the hair on your private part but also the shave the hair on the stomach part to give a uniform look.

3. The hair on your private part has its own importance.

The hair on your private part helps fight various infections, but it should be trimmed down and not be left to grow wild.

4. Shave your private part after taking a shower.

After showering, the hair on your private part becomes soft that is the reason why it’s very easy and comfortable to shave.

5. Shaving your private part isn’t always that beneficial to you.

Unlike trimming and clipping hair, shaving can make your private part exposed to any bacteria and microbial threats.

6. The skin on your private part is very sensitive.

This is the reason why you should think first before you shave down below and it needs a bit respect.

7. Shaving your private part helps in the release of pheromone.

The hair on your private part or your pubic hair helps trap the pheromone and shaving your pubic hair help to release it.

8. Shaving your pubic hair should be part of your routine.

Shaving down below should be part of your routine, and it should be followed regularly.

9. Remove the unpleasant or musky smell down below.

Removing the unpleasant smell of your private part by using powder, but don’t use deodorant or else you will regret the wrath of deodorant over there.

10. Use Cream or Child wipes for rashes caused by shaving.

Shaving your private part is difficult it may cut yourself while doing so, it is advised to used cream or child wipes while shaving down below.

11. Styling your pubic hair should always be done.

You should treat your pubic hair as same as you treat your hair on your head. You should treat your pubic hair by styling and condition them to look good.

12. Shave your private part to please yourself not to please others.

People often please their intimate partners by shaving their private part. However, shaving down below is good, but it should be done to satisfy yourself and for your own benefits.

source: sarcasm


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