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12 Ways to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship More Strong, Intense and Exciting

Attraction may be the first thing that makes you interested in your partner, but to keep that interest into a long-term relationship is a challenge.

Sex life sure is important, but when that honeymoon stage fades, you’ll need to exert more effort to keep things interesting. When you’ve been together for long, things might be hard to keep things new so here’s a list that can help you spice up your relationship.

1. Dirty Talking

It might be embarrassing at first, but it sure helps whenever you and your partner are away. It may also stimulate both of you for what’s about to come.

2. Share your fantasies

Everyone one has their own fantasy, whether it’s something they’ve watched on a show or something they wanted to try. Not only does it make things more interesting, but it also makes your bond stronger when you share your intimate thoughts with someone.

3. Prolonging the foreplay

Foreplay is important in a sexual relationship, particularly to women. A quickie may not be enough to satisfy both parties, so whenever you both have enough time, give foreplay a priority.

4. Make out whenever and wherever

Holding hands and peck on the cheek may have been underrated when you two are still a new couple, but when you’re reaching that long-term relationship, you’ve got to spice things up by making out whenever and wherever. Imagine all the place you could do it and all the naughty things you both could do after.

5. Pay attention to small things

You might want to keep those little details in check. Cooking for breakfast or a buying a ticket for a concert of your loved one’s favorite band will spice up your relationship. These little surprises may earn you a memorable night.

6. Having an open relationship

If both parties are comfortable with the idea of bringing a third party into their bed, then it may help to make things more interesting. Plus points if this was one of your sexual fantasies.

7. Having weekend getaways

These weekend getaway does not have to be a huge splurge in the bank account, just having time for yourselves somewhere out of the stressful work life may be the thing to reconnect and heat up things for you both.

8. Sharing sexy memories

You might not be the only one your partner had sex with, but keep an open mind whenever your partner tells you of her past sex life. You might be lucky when your partner decides to re-enact some of it with you.

9. Keeping things fresh

Spending too much time together may be bad for your relationship, so try to spend some weekends with your friends or spending time with your family. This will freshen things and might lead to some action in bed.

10. Knowing each other well

Sharing your innermost feelings with each other will strengthen your bond. This way, you get to know more about each other and find out your partner’s likes and dislikes.

11. Giving what the other person needs

It is best if you share what you both want in a sexual relationship. This will also be healthy for your relationship since it will create deeper bonds with each other. It is best if you try to work out and accommodate each other what they want in the relationship.

12. Good, Giving and Game

According to a sex columnist named Dan Savage, it is good to be aware of the GGG rule in bed. This way you can fulfill each other’s desires and know each other’s limitations.

These are just suggestions to help you be happy in your long-term relationship. Of course, these only work if both parties are willing to accommodate each other’s needs.

source: sarcasm


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