Wednesday, 18 April 2018

4 Reasons Why Women Should Pee Immediately After Making Love

Throughout the years, various myths have been created that surrounds us especially myths on what to do before and after having sex with your wife or husband.

Most of these myths are true that we should do while some are ridiculous lies. To have a good and lasting sexual relationship with your partner you should both have excellent sexual health. One of this sexual health tips that you can do, especially the woman, is to urinate after having an intimate moment with your partner.

Here are the benefits of urinating to a woman after making love with their loved ones.

1. Prevent bladder infection

Peeing after having intercourse with your partner can help you prevent severe health problems and hazardous issues. Various microbes and bacteria that surrounds the genital and rectum enter the urethra of the woman, and it causes the infections of their bladder.

2. Prevent Sexually transmitted disease

A lot of us knew that sexually transmitted disease could destroy our whole life and the most affected individuals with this disease are the women. Woman are advised to wash their vaginal area with water or PH soap every time after their intercourse with their partner.

3. An unsafe sex

Women do not ejaculate as men do. However, the particles which enter the body of the women during penetration that lead to urinary tract infections and it can only be removed through peeing. Experts advise women to urinate 45 minutes after having intercourse and to take precautions as they are more reliable and safe.

4. Helps in washing off bacteria

The microbes and bacteria that surrounds the genital and rectum get washed away when you urinate after having intercourse with your husband.

You are now aware of the importance of urinating after having intercourse with your partner and some other aspects that could help you in taking care of the most intimate part of your body. Urinating after having sex can help you avoid urinary tract infections, enjoy having an intimate moment with your loved ones and helps you to maintain well your personal hygiene.


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