Friday, 13 April 2018

50-Year-Old 'Lady of Eternal Youth' MASAKO MIZUTANI Shares Her Secret to Her Youthful Look

The mythical fountain of youth is a legend believed all around the world, but a woman from Japan might have already found it.

The winner of Japan’s ‘Youthful Pageant’ Masako Mizutani doesn’t seem to have aged since winning the pageant in 2015. 

Earning the nickname of ‘Japans Lady of Eternal Youth’, it is not surprising that a lot of people still think that she is around 20 years old. The shocking part? She was born in 1968! Which makes her 50 years old now.

When she was crowned as the winner for Japan’s Youthful Pageant’ back in 2015, her photos were uploaded online which then immediately went viral.

Since she won the pageant, it was reported that she has been receiving ‘love’ calls from modeling industries.

Just to our luck, she shared her secret on how she managed to maintain her youthful look. She then revealed that it was because she follows a strict diet, she also avoided alcohol and tobacco, she limits her sun exposure while spending at least 5 hours every day on her skin and body.

On a Facebook post, she revealed that keeping your body fit can also help people to look youthful.

“One should do regular workouts and should keep the body and mind active to stay young. One should have enough of sleep and stay away from smoking,” she says.

“Eating [the] right food, [such] as fruits, milk, nuts, and vegetables are the best way to feed the skin.

“But one should follow a definite skin care routine to keep the skin young and healthy as it is affected by outside factors like dust, dirt, and pollution too.”

Drinking a lot of water is also one of the keys to looking young as it was also a part of her secret because by drinking a lot of water and fluids can help wash out the toxins in our body.

“One should always apply vitamin E based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft and supple.”

From what we have learned, it seems like the main key to looking young is by taking care of your body in and out. Self-love is also very important too.


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