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84-Year Old Lady Refuses to Sell Her House for 1 Million Dollars. Her Reason Will Make You Admire Her.

The family is everything. Every house turns a home when you’re surrounded by family. It’s like the special ingredient to make every house feels like a home.

But when you’re living alone, a house may feel empty, lifeless and cold. So often, owners would sell them to be able to get a more comfortable lifestyle where you can spend time with friends if not family. However, one 84-year old woman refused to sell her house even when offered a huge sum of money.

Edith Macefield reportedly refused a million dollar offer when developers tried to repurchase her property in 2006. Macefield was adamant not to sell her property even when corporates planned to build a shopping mall in the Ballard neighborhood.

She reasoned that she did not want to uproot and relocate, not even when the staggering sum will be able to help her live luxuriously considering her age. For Macefield, her property in Seattle, Washington is priceless.

Oddly enough, the shopping mall continued its construction but carefully avoided Macefield’s property. Her willfulness against the corporate dominance was admirable so much so that her house became a symbol of motivation to the people around her and now to the world.

Pixar was impressed and in the movie, “Up” you will notice the resemblance between Macefield’s home and Carl’s home. They modeled Carl’s home after her and Carl’s predicament is the same as Macefield’s.

Unfortunately, Edith Macefield passed away in 2008 because of pancreatic cancer. But Edith was able to transfer her land title to Barry Martin who is a construction chief at an adjacent building site. It was Martin who took care of Edith through her tough battle with cancer and in her gratefulness, she left him her inspirational house.

Mr. Martin Initially planned to make Macefield’s house into a memorial but instead sold it to a real estate coaching firm, ‘Reach Returns’ and now known as Cor Company.

The firm then planned to lift the house 30-feet up in the air in which many investors were interested, so the firm had to renovate the walls and windows. Probably to make sure the house won’t fall on some unsuspecting person. However, their plan did not push through, so the investors lost their money.

The house was foreclosed and was owned by some lenders who put up the house for auction in March 2015. But since the house owed $300,000 in lien taxes, it was hard to sell off. But then, it was re-listed removing the lien taxes and is now up for sale to the highest bidder.

The house was in the middle of towering corporate buildings and may look oddly placed, but it went through a lot. You can check out the video below for a walkthrough inside the inspirational house of Macefield.

source: phtrending


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