Friday, 6 April 2018

A Very Painful Love Story: Gorgeous Teen Mom Still Chose to Love Her Husband Despite All the Terrible Things He Has Done

Some women aim to be beautiful to be able to catch a great guy. A great guy may not always be the prince charming most women dream of, but at least a guy who would love us no matter what it takes. 

Sadly, one beautiful woman proved that not all beasts turn out to be a prince after all and beauty does not guarantee a happy ending.

One unidentified lady poured her heart out on social media and told her story for the world to know. She shared that she just got out of a horrible 5-year relationship with her husband. 

She shared her story from how she loved her husband so much despite all the sacrifices she did. She admitted she did it for the sake of their daughter, but she would always tell him how much she loves him.

She also shared that her husband was her first love, her first kiss and so on. She truly loves him, but she did not explain the reason why her husband left them. 

Looking at the photos, it was really an awkward match, but love is blind, yet you can see the pretty lady was very happy whenever she is with her husband. She always has that sunny smile, and her eyes were always on him.

She had always dreamed of a happy family and did everything to keep them together, but it appears the lady’s efforts were for naught. She said that it started with a small fight and she kept wondering if the guy was sick of them or there was something deeper reason why he left.

She also hoped that he would change and that she tried to keep him whole even when she’s lacking. She tried to believe him even when she wasn’t sure she should trust herself. It was truly a heartbreaking post, one that will make you feel the pain she feels the time she wrote it.

With love comes pain, but time only knows when will the pain ease. Just be strong and keep on living every day because by doing that, you can know yourself more, and you will be able to pick up the pieces that were once broken.

source: urdailyjournal


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