Wednesday, 11 April 2018

After Using a Fake Lip Makeup, This Woman's Lip Become Swollen Due to an Infection

When it comes to makeup, several people will choose a designer makeup that will usually cost them a lot. They pay extra for several reasons such as fragrance, better applicators, packaging, increased in pigmentation and especially the brand name.

However, some people prepared less expensive makeup or something similar by buying faked products which are 90% cheaper than the original.

Most of this customer who bought fake or cheap makeup, are unaware of the harmful side effects of this products to their body until it’s too late to regret the damage it does to them.

Fake products have toxins that led to severe allergic reactions such as skin rashes, burns, disfigurement, while some worse cases caused a long-term health problem or even death to some who used fake products.

One such example of the effect of fake makeup products is this woman who went viral on the internet when a photo of her was shared on Facebook. The said photo is her lips that turned swollen and infected after using and applying a tattoo lip makeup. A tattoo lip makeup is a makeup product that will give u a temporary lip tint.

After netizens saw the photo of this unknown woman, most of them reacted and believed that she might use faked tattoo lip makeup product or maybe she was allergic to the makeup components of the product she used.

The one who shared the photo of the woman on Facebook confirmed that the woman used a fake product that causes the lip infection.

The fake”tattoo” lip colors are believed to be the cause of severe lip infection. Another reason why the author posts the photo of the lip infection is that they want to warn other women always to make sure that the product they used or will be using is legit and safe for their skin or body.

In a certain article by Mashable, they said that mostly counterfeit cosmetics contains components like mercury, arsenic, cyanide, lead, and some also include human urine and rat droppings which may cause severe damage to our body.

source: viral4real


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