Friday, 13 April 2018

Cops were Surprised After they Found 17 MILLION DOLLARS Hidden Under this Man's Bed

Sleeping on a bed of cash is probably almost everyone’s dream. While this may remain a dream for many of us, a guy named Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha literally sleeps on a bed of cash.

Do you think he ever gets up? Probably yes, since he had to spend it somewhere or maybe launder it.

A man named Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha hid his stack of cash on his bed’s frame. Apparently, instead of bed bugs, he had tons of cash hidden underneath his mattress.

He was from Brazil, and unfortunately, Rocha will be going to jail. It was not because he was sleeping in a pile of money, it was because of how he acquired it.

Between 2012 and 2014, Rocha and his business partners were managing their own company called TelexFree. It’s a Massachusetts-based company that provides Voice over internet protocol (VolP) services.

As it turns out, TelexFree is a pyramid scheme and his co-founder, Carlos Wanzeler, reportedly fled to Brazil in April 2014. But another co-founder, James Merrill, was caught and pleaded guilty to the case charged against him. Merrill currently awaits sentencing.

The pyramid scheme reportedly scammed millions of people around the world. The photo of the pile of money under Rocha’s bed was released by the US attorney’s office and was apparently around $17 Million! One could buy themselves a better bed frame though.

Rocha was currently charged with conspiring to launder proceeds from a pyramid scheme. Still, an estimate of $1 billion was the amount that was scammed from people who joined the scam company, and it turns out only $17 Million was recovered.

This serves as a warning to people who joins companies without doing background research. It’s better to know to whom you’re giving your money to.

Although it was not clear what will happen to the $17 Million recovered, but to others who are joining other companies who offer huge gains, better think again, because losing your hard earned money is painful than working overtime.

source: viral4real


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