Thursday, 12 April 2018

Female Student Develops "Anti-Rape" Underwear with GPS Tracker and Camera

Nowadays, the most devastating crimes against women would be Rape, and because of its increasing crime rates, the world becomes a dangerous place for them to live.

Millions of them around the world experienced being molested and raped by attackers who want to victimize them. Victims whose body was violated by this attackers, usually suffer from mental and emotional trauma and sexual assault. Because of the growing number of rape victims in the world, women need protection that could defend them from their attacker.

According to a report, India was listed to have the world’s largest number of sexually abused children, with a total of 10 raped victims every 13 hours. Anti-Rape underwear was developed by an Indian student named Seenu Kumari to protect the women from this kind of crime.

Seenu Kumari was born into a low-income family who lives in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh and because of her financial status, she used the cheapest materials available to create the anti-rape underwear which only cost her £50.

The said anti-rape underwear features a video camera and recorder that could help the police in investigating the crime scene because it captures and store identity of the culprits, a GPS that will help the police in tracing the victim’s whereabouts, an emergency call button and a combination lock.

According to Seenu, the underwear has a smart lock that won’t open until the password was key in and she also installed an electronic device that was used as a GPS and as an emergency calling device. She also added that the device would automatically send out messages to the police, who will foil the rape attempt, and to the relatives of the woman when somebody will try to molest her.

She also said that the anti-rape underwear could only be wear when the woman will go to a place where she finds unsafe or if she is traveling alone. Wearing this anti-rape underwear can help save the woman from men who would try to mistreat her and violate her dignity.

To use it, the woman should press a button on the device installed on the underwear when someone is trying to attack her. After pressing the button, it would automatically call a pre-set emergency number that was set on the device of the underwear.

Seenu said, “If we use a better quality of clothes and equipment, it will be ready to use and sold in the market”. The underwear prototype has been sent for patenting to the National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad.

Watch the video below:

source: viral4real


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