Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Legendary Yamashita Treasure Natagpuan na nga ba?

The Philippines was known to have the best strategical place for military bases. Probably because of its proximity to other Asian countries, or must be because of its access to oceans on all four sides. 

So when galleons and ships back in 1940’s docked in the Philippines, it was not because of how beautiful the country is, but because of its strategic location. However, one Japanese General came to the Philippines carrying a huge sum of war loot. 

Some call it the Yamashita’s treasure, but the question is, where is it now? Did former President Marcos found it and used the wealth for himself?

Back in 1940’s, it has been recorded that a huge amount of war loot was hidden in different parts in the Philippines by General Tomoyuki Yamashita. 

General Yamashita was planning to return to Japan, but American troops cornered him, so General Yamashita had to hide the treasure in over 100 caves. 

In September 1945, World War 2 broke out, and General Yamashita surrendered to the Americans in Kiangan, Ifugao. Since then, the US$100 billion worth of loot has been coveted by treasure hunters.

 A 15-meter tunnel in Tinoc, which was near to Kiangan where General Yamashita surrendered, was found in 2010. But when authorities returned five years later, they found bottles of alcohol but no treasure. Illegal treasure hunters had allegedly searched the premises before they did.

Residents shared the things the found in the cave, including a katana sword, a telephone cable and a chest with Japanese characters engraved in it. It was not clear what is inside it, but we can assume, it was not the Yamashita treasure.

Tinoc residents were planning to put up the place as a tourist spot. Even if the locals did not find the treasure, it is likely they can earn it back by setting up a historical tourist attraction. 

It is better to earn hard work and respect from others. A video from Jessica Soho will surely quench the curiosity of other. Kindly play the video below to see what they have discovered.


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