Thursday, 5 April 2018

Loving Boyfriend Renovates His Girlfriend's Room as a Gift for their 6th Year Anniversary

As time passes by, people come up with new things and new ways to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings and even anniversary. However, one guy went viral for what he did to her girlfriend’s bedroom to celebrate their 6th anniversary. 

The effort what he did gained so much respect and admiration from netizens. Do you think the guy could start a new trend?

In celebration of their anniversary, unlike the usual way of buying chocolates and flowers, one guy went to the hardware and bought wood and paint instead. 

The guy, Glearson Agapito Genova, shared how he planned and executed in renovating his girlfriend’s room. As first the girl was hesitant, but in the end, she gave in and agreed to let him renovate her room.

Luckily for us, he posted the step by step process how he succeeded to make his girlfriend’s room feminine yet personalized.

He started his post by showing that he painted the room in the perfect pink shade. It was not too light nor dark, it was somewhat a sweet pink shade.

Then he proceeded to replace the ceiling. After fixing the plywood in place, he also painted it. He also added cornice on the joining of the ceiling and wall to add design to it.

The bed frame needed to be replaced, so he continued to do just that.

He also had to replace his girlfriend’s bed foam, so he went to the nearest supplier and bought her a new one.

After a while, the foam was delivered, and he proceeded to the next step.

He also added shelves as storage. The room was smaller, and the storage is an important factor.

He also bought a new wall fan. With this, the wall fan wouldn’t eat so much floor space. The room looked spacious if they used a wall fan.

He also bought things that he thinks his girlfriend would need whenever she’s in her room.

He also built her a cabinet in one corner of the room.

As you can see, he successfully renovated the room.

The girlfriend also added small things to make her room more personalized, such as the butterfly she added to her mirror.

The guy did not stop there, he even bought her a box full of snacks as he was worried because his girlfriend sometimes gets hungry in the middle of the night. This way, she did not have to go out of her room.

Many think he is surely an affectionate boyfriend. He truly is, but do not lose hope, your boyfriend might make you the exact same thing. Effort truly paid off when they saw the finished product of the guy’s pans.

source: trendszilla


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