Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Man Brought his GF to their House to Meet his Parents, But Girl Was Shocked Seeing their Poor Old House. But What the Girl Did Next is Unexpected.

Many people get attracted to their lovers because of their looks or sexy figure. However, what makes your partner stay is the way you treat your partner and the people around you. Do you think a kind heart outweighs a bombshell? Check out the story of a man who introduced his girlfriend to his poor parents.

A man named Sam was not blessed with a lavish lifestyle as he was just born and raised in a rural area. Both of his parents were simple farmers who ran a small farm nearby their house.

They lived quite a modest life, but there were still times when they did not have enough to eat. But despite being poor, that didn’t stop them from making sure that he got the best education that there is even though it means that they have to save their money on his schooling fees rather than spending their money on themselves with new clothes or delicious food.

That is one of the reasons why Sam was so determined to repay their years of sacrifices by studying so hard to get into a university and a decent-paying job. Fortunately for him, he immediately got a job just after he graduated from the university. After he got the job, he worked so hard hoping to save enough money to buy his parents a new house in the city.

Just like every other story, a blossoming love can’t be avoided because not long after Sam started working at his new company, he met a stunning lady named Cecilia. And to add to her charm, she was also the co-manager of the company. According to him, he was quite surprised to see that the beautiful lady is still single.

As they get to know each other, he learned that both of her parents were divorced when she was still a kid and live with her mother ever since, but after she began working at the company, her mother suddenly passed away.

Since she only had her mother in her life, her sudden death took a toll on her. So instead of drowning herself in the sadness of her mother’s death, she poured all her time and her energy into her career.

After a few months have passed, their blooming relationship soon grew into love. The feelings were mutual, and Sam respected her for accepting his poor family background.

And after dating and being in a relationship for a while, Sam and Cecilia decided to tie the knot finally. She then asked to meet his parents, and he immediately agreed because that was his plan after all. He had been waiting to bring her to his home to meet his parents before their wedding.

When the couple arrived at his parent’s house, Sam could see that her face changed upon seeing his parents’ old house.

According to him, he had a “mixed feelings” when he saw her reaction since his former girlfriend broke up with him shortly after she found out about his family’s poor status.

Since his family was not well-off, their house was just a small cottage that was surely in need of some repairing. It was too old and in a terrible condition.

Sam always dreamt of buying a new house for his parents as soon as possible but was always constrained by the cost.

Somehow, Cecilia seemed not to mind. She was rather warm and excited about meeting his parents. Sam’s parents also returned the favor and seemed to be very happy to see their future daughter-in-law. Everything went well, and the couple enjoyed their stay in his parent’s house.

But as they were getting ready to leave for the city, imagine Sam’s surprise when Cecilia suddenly handed a bank card to his parents.

His fiancé told his parents to use the money to start renovating and repairing the house. His father was very shocked when she told him to use all $15,000 to repair the house while his mother shed some tears and was very moved by her generosity.

The mother who was very overwhelmed tried to return the card to Cecilia. “We cannot take your money. Living in the city is more expensive than in here. You could use this money instead. Do not waste the money to repair the house,” his mother said to Cecilia.

Cecilia then refused to take her card back. “I do not have anyone else to call my parents anymore.

If you already think of me as your daughter-in-law, please accept my money and use it for your good,” She apparently replied to his mother.

Her words extremely touched Sam's parent.

After the visit, the couple soon got married and settled down in the city. He bought a house, and since it has extra rooms, his wife then asked to try and convinced his parents to live with them in the city.

However, his parents politely refused her request saying that they are now contented with living their newly renovated house, all thanks to his kind-hearted wife.

While many people try to achieve love in wrong ways such as seeking financial support or having someone to support them in ways that they should be doing on their own- that isn’t what love is all about.

Sam and Cecilia’s story showed us that the true meaning of love is to be incomplete and bond, take care and love each other in ways no other person can.


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