Monday, 2 April 2018

Old Man Who Becomes Speechless After Knowing the Current Value of his 1960s Rolex Watch

Special coins that dated way back would cost a fortune now if you sell them to a coin collector. The same thing applies to antique vases and things, especially to jewelry that might have belonged to old monarchs.

However, while these things are like wine that gains a better value as time goes by, watches too are a surprisingly good investment. An old man shared how he kept an old watch until appraisers visited his town.

An old man served in the US army and went to Germany when he was assigned there. This was back in 1960’s where he had no clue what a Rolex watch would cost today.

He shared that his sergeant suggested he buy a watch and even told him that “Rolex watches are the best watches ever made and that he shouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy it.” The watch would cost him a month of his salary, but he decided to buy it which costs $120 back then.

Time passed, and he had almost forgotten about the watch, but when appraisers from ‘Antiques Roadshow’ came to his town, he decided he’d get the watch appraised.

The old man not only kept the watch itself, he was also able to keep all of the Rolex watch’s accessories including the box packaging, receipts, certificates and the manual were complete. This was not what appraiser, Peter Planes expected, everything was in good condition.The old man admitted that he was not aware of what a Rolex watch was when he bought it, and what value it holds now.

So when Planes told him of the initial value, the old man was surely surprised. It appears that his watch was the first GMT master that the company produced and Planes announced that the watch only would cost $35,000 to $45,000. The old man was totally shocked.

But Planes was not finished, he added that because the old man also saved the box and its contents, his GMT master Rolex watch would cost, $65,000 to $75,000!

From 1960’s $120 to $75,000 is a huge gain and the old man’s month salary surely paid off. It’s a good thing he also saved the accessories, now we know not to throw away those tiny boxes. I guess those manuals and receipts was worth something after all too.

source: elitereaders


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