Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Phone Seller Shares Her Experienced With a Costumer Who Wants To Meet Her In Manila Zoo Not Just to Buy the Phone But Also to Take the Phone Seller on a Date

Gadgets like phones are not only used to communicate with other people but also for entertainment and educational purposes. 

Throughout the years, more and more smartphone companies are releasing and offering new phones with new features and style that’s why many people bought them not only because they are useful in their daily lives, but it is also a sign of social status. 

However, there are also netizens who used their smartphone to sell and earn a living to support their selves and her loved ones. One such example is a Facebook online user named Sherlyn Mission Agos is a part of a large community of online sellers who sells products to their online customers. 

These online sellers are offering Korean face mask to real-estate properties, but Sherlyn admits that the money she uses to buy all the things and food she needs come from selling the smartphone for a lower cost. 

Little did Sherlyn know that from selling online she will encounter a challenging yet funny client. She screenshot they're funny and hilarious exchanged of conversations and shared it online which draw attention and got netizens laughing.

Sherlyn is currently selling an iPhone 6 units, and her conversation with the client starts when he asked if the phone she is selling is still available. 

When Sherlyn confirmed that the phone is still available, the man replied to her saying he is a sure buyer. As an online seller’s protocol, she asked the man if where he would like to meet her up so they can discuss and finalize their transactions. But the client's response to Sherlyn is surprising.

Instead of choosing a nice place to meet-up like a mall or a fancy restaurant, the client suggested that they could meet up at Manila Zoo. Sherlyn is an online seller for quite some time that’s why the destination that the client suggested is quite strange for her, so she asked him “Manila Zoo”?.

The response of the clients shows that he wants more than just the phone of Sherlyn. Instead of explaining the reason why he chooses Manila Zoo to be their meeting place, he asked Sherlyn on a date and to see the lions inside the Zoo. 

Upon reading the clients response, Sherlyn feels uncomfortable, so she declined the offer to come with him inside the zoo and tells him that she’s a busy person.

The man still tried to convince Sherlyn to say yes and even insisted that he will pay their entrance fee but she still ignore his invitation and she’s firm with her decision. Upon sensing that she would say no to his offer, he irritatingly said to Sherlyn that he’s not going to buy the phone anymore. 

Sherlyn replied to the client saying, “ Di lang pumayag di na kukunin? May pa sure buyer pa?.

Read the full conversation here:

 source: definitelyfilipino


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