Friday, 13 April 2018

Professor from a Prestigious University Caught On CCTV Harassing a Female Student

Sexual harassment is a grave offense, and often times it comes threatening rather than disturbing. The unwanted sexual advances may result in much bigger consequences that are very traumatic to the victim.

Although every day there are victims of harassment in various places, 70% of them do not file a report or tell anyone about it.

It's possibly out of fear, or there are certain advances to be gained, but this should not be taken lightly or ignore. Especially if the victim was a student.

Gabriel Rene Moreno University is a well-acclaimed school in Bolivia. However, this prestigious school now has a handful of parents wanting the resignation of a certain professor who was seen harassing a student. Netizens also expressed that he should be jailed for what he did.

The act was caught on CCTV. In the video, you will notice a female student studying on the desk and the male professor standing beside her. Suddenly, the professor forces the student to lean back using both of his hands and kisses her. 

You can see the student surprised by the attack since she was focusing on studying. Although the student did not push him away, you can see she defensively places both her hands between them. 

After the attack, she tries to resume studying and pretends nothing happened. Minutes later, the professor wore his eyeglasses and kissed her again. This time he took out his wallet and gave her money.

The student refused to accept the money, but later on placed it on the table, probably thinking it would be over. But the professor once again forced a kiss on her, and you can see the student wiping her lips after the ordeal. The CCTV had no audio record, but just by looking at it, you can see how he forces himself on her.

watch the video:

It is disturbing to see that unethical teachers are doing this to their students. It is best to tell the police whenever instances like this happen so there will be no more victims in the future.


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