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Remarkable Things Your Palm Reveals About Your Personality

They say our life is in the palm of our hands! It is true since palm reading has been discovered. If you’d like t to determine your future by reading your palm, just keep reading below.

To help guide us with our future, look at both your palms and identify what are the different lines and what do they mean.

1. The Life Line

This is the line that starts from the index finger and ends to your thumb. It represents our emotional and physical health in life. See for yourself how the line looks like because they have different meanings for the different looks.

If your lines are short and deep

Then this means the person will have many challenges in life because he is gullible and easily manipulated by others. There will be times you have to decide when to be firm on your decision.

If you line is long and deep

This suggests that the person is strong, healthy and leads a well-balanced lifestyle.

If your line is a faint line

Do not fret, this does not mean your life is not balanced. Although, it means that you often run out of energy and lacks stamina. Knowing this weakness is a strength to put it to your advantage better.

If your lifeline is a broken line

Pay attention to your hands now, if you have a broken line, it means you might face an accident or illness in your lifetime.

If your lifeline is a chained line

A chained line means that you will face different emotional and physical issues. This might be very worrisome because these types of people might be the ones that are often depressed. Thus they are chaotic.

If your lifeline is a Double or Triple lines

If you have double or triple lines, it is possible you have a twin lurking somewhere in this world. Lucky if your twin is a superstar! Also, it may mean that you will find your true soulmate and you possess great energy within you.

If you don’t have a Lifeline

Some people may not have a lifeline, and it simply means these people have anxiety issues throughout their life.

2. The Heart Line

The heart line can be found starting from the index finger up to the pinky finger. It is often parallel to your lifeline so this line represents your emotional health, relationship, and love life.

If you have a long heart line

You often expect for something that might be hard to fulfill. You have an open outlook and a positive vibe.

If you have a deep long line

This means that you will have a very dependent partner and you will often depend on them.

If you have a short line

This means you are an introvert and very reserved. You choose who you can open up your feelings to, and it will not be just somebody.

If you have a long deep line with no cracks

If you have a long deep line and no cracks on your heat line, then it foretells that you will lead a very stressful life.

If you have a straight line

This means that you are a very logical person and often gets jealous of others. You are also confident in your decisions, and you believe that you are always right. Because of that, you often rebel and follow what you think is right.

If you have a straight heart line and it’s parallel to the lifeline

It means that you are conscious of yourself. Thus you are in control of your emotions. You set boundaries for yourself.

If you have a wavy line

A wavy line suggests that you will have a lot of casual relationships. Your love story is novel material.

If you have a double forked line

You are very romantic. You value romance and your partner. You are also logical, which may mean that you sometimes get easily jealous.

3. The Head Line

The headline can be found between the thumb and the index finger and is placed above the lifeline. This is also called as the wisdom line.

If you have a Long Line

This means that you are intelligent and often choose to be logical than your emotional feelings.

If you have a Very Long Straight Line

It means you have a strong personality. You are the Alpha, and you are very self-centered and organized.

If you have a Short Line

You possess a very analytical mind. This means you always think out of the box and do not easily believes what you see.

If you have a Curved Line

It means you are a natural romantic and very idealistic. You also grab every opportunity you have and this fuels you more.

If you have a Thin Line

You are a dreamer and you often in the clouds. You will be able to come up with great ideas too.

If you have a Broken Line

It suggests that you are mentally exhausted. A lot of people depends on you, and you sometimes lose control over your thoughts. You cannot help but think of what might happen.

If you have an Appearance of Secondary Lines

If you have secondary lines on your headline, that means you will advance in your career more times than one.

If your headline has a Lot of Forks

If your headline seems to have a lot of tiny lines along with it, it means you will succeed in your goals. Yours is one story worth to tell the world.

Although they may be really helpful, remember that they are only a guide to our lives. We can still correct something that went wrong, and that’s what’s very humane about us. Also if you found out your weaknesses, this is a great way to use them to your advantage.

 source: genmice


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