Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Remember the Guy Who Went Viral for Taking His Children to Jollibee Even If He Couldn't Buy Himself a Meal? Here's What Happened to Him

Poverty is undeniably evident in today’s age. Nevertheless, it is no excuse to limit a parent’s love to his children, and it’s not an excuse to stop supporting your kids.

One particular father caught the attention of netizens when a passer-by noticed his selfless action for his two daughters. Unlike the news we often hear on the radio and TV, this one will surely melt your heart.

Tatay Ryan Arebuabo is an ordinary father that does his best to makes end meet. At his 38-years, he was blessed to have two daughters whom he loves so much.

So to celebrate their graduation, he bought them ChickenJoy meals which made the girls happy. Unfortunately, he does not have enough money to buy three meals, so he only bought two instead. His two daughters were enjoying their meal, and Tatay Ryan watched them eat happily.

A netizen named Jhunnel Sarajan noticed the selfless father and posted a photo of them on Facebook. Netizen’s instantly commended Tatay Ryan for putting his daughters first.

Some even commented that a carinderia would be more suitable for their budget so that they could all eat, but Taytay Ryan wanted to make their celebration extra special even if it meant not eating. Jhunnel became Tatay Ryan’s lucky charm, as he was the one who paved the way for the netizens to help them.

It appears that four years ago, Tatay Ryan suffered from a heart attack which caused him to be unable to provide for his family. A year ago, on his last visit to the doctor, his wife decided to leave him, bringing his two daughters. He fought until he could get the children into his custody.

With the help of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, he receives 4Ps allowance which provides support for them, and his little sari-store given by the DSWD that earns around ₱100 to ₱200 pesos a day also helps for their daily expenses.

After his story went viral, tons of netizens offered donations for his family. He opened a bank account with the help of his sister, where people can send their donations.

But Tatay Ryan only uses the money for his daughters’ education and uses the money very wisely. His daughter even called him, “kuripot” but he explained to them that the money would only be used for their future. The family currently lives in Tondo, Manila in a makeshift 4-sqm barong-barong.

But with the roof, walls and door recently replaced. He also bought two tricycles which he rents out to add to their income. His sari-sari now earns ₱500 per day, by adding a higher capital for it.

The groceries he received from the donations were also sold and kept in the bank. He also received free therapy sessions in a wellness clinic in Binondo which helps him get better so that he could soon drive his tricycles by himself.

His blessings continued and actor Piolo Pascual, who played the role as Tatay Ryan in one of MMK episode, gave a cellphone and promised to pay the tuition fee for his two daughters at a private school. 

To complete it, the kid’s school supplies were offered by a local bookstore. According to Tatay Ryan, the donations were for his daughters. He said, Hindi ko pera iyan, para sa mga anak ko iyan. Para sa kinabukasan nila, at para hindi sila matulad sa akin.”

It is great to see the goodness in this world, no matter what shape it may come, there is still hope for humanity. The family’s life changed dramatically and a whole lot better and Tatay Ryan may truly be the best father there is.


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