Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Reason Why Eating Kangkong Might Give You Deadly Diseases

Filipinos are fond of eating kangkong, whether it’s adobo, stir-fried, steam, boiled or used in sinigang or other Filipino delicacies because it is considered as one of the country’s favorite green leafy vegetables.

However, there are reasons why kangkong can kill you any moment after you eat it.

According to studies, kangkong or water spinach contains numerous vitamins and nutrients, which make it a “superfood”. However, a recent study shows that it belongs to noxious weeds.

Noxious weeds are weeds that can be harmful and to agricultural or crops, humans and livestock, or natural habitats or ecosystems, which is labeled by an agricultural authority.

Most of these types of weeds have been introduced into an ecosystem by mismanagement, accident or ignorance. These plants grow aggressively and quickly multiply without controls and display adverse effects through contact or ingestion.

Here is the list of things you must know about kangkong or water spinach before you eat them:

We must be very careful on the way we cook and eat it because we may end up having a Fasciolopsiasis. Fasciolopsiasis is a condition that is caused by a huge amount of parasitic intestinal fluke called Fasciolopsis buski. Fasciolopsis Buski is found as larval cysts that laid on kangkong or water spinach, and other vegetables that live in the water in the hope that a reckless human will consume it raw.

One of the effects of the said cysts in the humans and pigs are the fluke that they release which anchors itself to the wall of the human’s intestine, which causes the human to have an allergic reaction, indigestions, and abdominal pain.

The kangkong or water spinach is recommended to be fry or boil properly before consuming it because of its total gross-out and untreated cases can be fatal.

Vegetables are a good source of nutrients especially calcium and iron, according to studies we should take one type of green leafy vegetables every day. However, some types of vegetables can also be dangerous depending on the place or area it was naturally planted or grown like the kangkong or water spinach.

source: livelovelaugh


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