Sunday, 8 April 2018

These Men Demonstrate on How to Build an Underground Mini Swimming Pool Without Spending any Single Cash.

With the summer heat torturing our poor exposed skin, generally, people would go looking for the beach or the swimming pool to cool off.

The cost is undeniably expensive since us Filipinos typically bring family members or friends.

Nowadays, with the continuing rise in our everyday expenses, it is not practical to travel to the beach and soak up the sun under the cool waters of the sea.

So keeping in mind how expensive it would be, some opt to stay in their house and play with the inflatable pool instead. However, there is a way to avoid the burden of traveling, and it’s by building your own swimming pool.

On this video, you will be able to build a personalized indoor swimming pool. Two men have done a wonderful job of creating a swimming pool.

To start, it is best to dig out a box form of soil. Once satisfied with the depth, proceed into carving out a smaller rectangular form, now this will serve as the pool itself, so you’ve got to taper it a little bit.

Then dig out four holes where you will position the wooden posts. Fill the excess space of that hole once you’ve secured your wooden posts.

After that, to act as improvised cement, stones were heated and then melted. This will be placed the flooring in your pool. 

Pouring the improvised cement

Placing the improvised cement all the area of the hole to avoid soil water absorption.

Once placed, the roofing can be continued. Place wooden sticks that can help as the foundation, then add hay. After adding hay, cover it with soil then place grass above it.

Now your basic pool will be ready to be filled with water.

On the video you will notice they had to get the water from far away, this only means their water source might be a lake and is located near their home.

After filling the handmade pool, you are free to enjoy swimming in it.

Be sure to be careful and avoid hurting yourself. It is very admirable how these two men made their own pool just by their hands.

source: trendszilla


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