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Things That Happen to the Body During Lethal Injection (Actual Execution Footage)

In the past, the death penalty established as a punishment for a crime. But mostly if the wrongdoer was accused of witchcraft, they used to burn them at stakes or killed with a hatchet where everyone could witness the execution.

It is a gruesome scene, but now that there are laws and death penalty has been the subject of debate, the alternative implementation of the death penalty is by lethal injection.

Lethal injection is the method of injecting different drugs into a person to cause immediate death. Unlike before, it is often done in an execution room without an audience. 

When death penalty punishes an inmate, he will wait until the day he is taken into the execution chamber. Here is what happens when death penalty has sentenced a person.

The inmate is then taken from his cell and then led to the execution chamber. He is allowed to walk on his own, or if there has been resistance, he will be placed on a gurney. On the execution room, a doctor and a priest will enter the room and a medical cart containing the different serums that will complete your sentence.

The first thing they will inject into your bloodstream is the anesthetic or sodium pentothal. This will put the inmate into a deep sleep wherein he won’t be able to be violent and cause harm. Your brain will be able to detect pain yet you won’t feel a thing because the anesthetic is a lethal dose already.

The second thing they’ll inject is pancuronium bromide or also called as Pavulon. This is a type of muscle relaxant and causes the lungs and diaphragm to paralyze and cease your breathing in 3 minutes.

With these two serums alone, it can instantly kill you causing respiratory arrest wherein the inmate will be gasping for air in their final minutes. Most of your muscles will no longer work or respond which also causes most of your organs to stop working.

The third and final serum they will inject is potassium chloride which will be the final blow. This lethal dose will make your heart to stop working. It will affect the electrolytes which make the heart work properly. Since the serum distorts them, the heart will stop beating and will send the inmate to cardiac arrest.

Lethal injection is still debatable subject, but one cannot help but notice it breaches God’s law and human rights law. Man is not supposed to kill, yet a man has the right to live. 

Watch the actual execution video:

No matter how evil a person was or how grave his offense was, death is still too much of a sentence.

source: filipinonetwork


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