Wednesday, 4 April 2018

This Man Revealed to her Mom That His Girlfriend is Pregnant. ~ Mom's Reaction After Revelation Was Priceless

During April Fool’s day, people usually pull pranks on their closest friend and some prank their girlfriends. We’ve seen tons of these pranks, but one prank by vlogger Von Ordona definitely tops the icing on the cake.

It must be probably he pranked his mother, or the way the mother reaction after she learned it was all a joke.

The con started when his mother was walking downstairs. Von even brought along his girlfriend (who also knew of the scheme to prank his mom) together with a positive pregnancy test and a fake ultrasound result. Seems very convincing.

The couple acted very nervous of how to say it to their mother but eventually, they announced that his girlfriend tested positive on a Pregnancy Test.

The mother at first was dubious, but when she saw the PT results, she proceeded to lecture her son. She confirmed the PT was positive and asked what her son plans to do now. 

As the video went on, the mother seems to get angrier as the news started to sink in. She asked her son how he will tell his girlfriend’s family and how will they provide for the child. The couple reasoned that babies are blessings, but the mother saw it the practical way. 

She said, “Anong blessing? Blessing kung kaya mo! Kakayanin mo ba siya? Napaka iresponsable mo! Ni hindi mo nga kayang mag-ano dito eh. Alam mo, kung kaya mong kumuha ng obligasyon, dapat sarili mo muna.” Now that’s one point for the mom, they always look at the practical side.

Eventually, the couple admitted that it was all a prank and even pointed out the camera hiding. You can immediately see the relief on the mother’s face. She then laughed and playfully pushed her son and hugged the girlfriend.

Even though it’s just a prank, it’s good that the mother was laughing at the end. Better not pull a prank if you think your mom would hyperventilate, else it’d be a prank gone wrong.

source: pilipinonews


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