Wednesday, 11 April 2018

This Man Was Forced by his Mom to Ejaculate and put it in a Jar. After 22 Years He Understands Why His Mom Done That and He Tearfully Thanked His Mom

Parents are often annoying and embarrassing. At least that’s what this man thought when his mother forced him to ejaculate in a jar when he was young. 

You’ve got to admit it, we often don’t have the same wavelength of thinking with our parents when we were young. But now, this man is very grateful to his mother for thinking to preserve his sperms in the future.

Jason Kotas was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was young. It was 1995, and doctors declared they found a baseball-sized tumor behind his shoulders, so he was required to go into surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for a whole year.

It was tedious to a child, like Jason, and he didn’t mind if he would never have children someday. I mean, when you were young as he, you might not care if you’ll have children or not.

It must be a truly odd thing to do to your child, but when Jason got married to his wife Emily, he immediately thought of having children someday. Unfortunately, because of what he went through when he was young, he couldn’t be able to produce children. Good thing he remembered the jar of his sperm, his mom kept, or at least good thing he was able to find it. For 22 years, that was quite a good memory he has.

Luckily, through in-vitro fertilization, his wife was able to get pregnant by directly inserting Jason’s sperm cell into his wife’s egg cells. It might not be a good story to tell your child someday on how you were conceived, but at least it would be unique. The couple was ecstatic when they had baby Sam.

 Their happiness was sure unmeasured, and baby Sam was a healthy baby boy.

 Truly a blessing to have children and also a mother who always thinks of what to happen. If it wasn’t for his mother, the couple might not be able to have baby Sam.

source: qatarday


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