Sunday, 15 April 2018

Young Boy Was Bullied Because of His Beki Looks, Later Becomes a Transgender Beauty Queen and an Inspiration to Others

Many of you may wonder what a transgender person is, while some know them as someone who has gone gender transformation or someone who is confused about who they are.

However, most of these transgender person experienced being bullied especially when they finally declare their true self.

One such example, is the transgender beauty queen named Marion Pasa who recently went viral on the Internet after sharing her throwback photos on a Facebook page, HugotBeki.

The said post was consist of photos of Marion as a ‘simple’ boy student to a “gorgeous” woman, and it’s supposed to be for the #PubertyChallenge that was trending online.

We all know that photos uploaded for #PubertyChallenge are photos of netizens as kids that later on blossomed into gorgeous or handsome human being after puberty and with the same gender.

However, the difference with Marion photos that were shared on HugotBeki is her gender transition from the before and after her puberty.

The first photo shows Marion wearing a school uniform while carrying an improvised bouquet made from a rolled up gift wrappers. Even if Marion is wearing a boy uniform, he still looks girlish maybe because of his makeup and the bouquet in his hand.

A Facebook page named Trending News Portal shared Marion’s story and captioned it with, “Be careful who you bully” and another Facebook page named HugotBeki joked with a post saying, “Baka yung binu-bully mo noon, pangarap mo na ngayon”.

Several netizens reacted on HugotBeki’s post, some couldn’t believe the transformation of a girlish boy to a gorgeous transgender woman, but they still feel happy for her as she finally found her place in the world.

However, other netizens are unfair because they choose to bully transgender person after they revealed their true self but they have exceptions to the gorgeous ones.

Some people believe that the gender transitions happen and that one day a person does not want to be the sex that they were born while others say that they are born with those feelings and that they develop over time.

However, these people are also a human being who wants to be accepted in our society and they should be respected for who they are.

source: rachfeed


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