Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Meet Angel Locsin's Look a Like from South Korea who Caught the Attention of Netizens

Filipinos are often fond of Asian telenovelas to the point that we spend almost 24 hours watching the episodes nonstop.

Despite the language barrier that we only rely on the subtitles for us to understand what they are saying, we still love them.

Before the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese telenovelas that ultimately took fandom to the next level, Filipinos used to love Mexican dramas.

Do you remember how our very own dramas used to be inspired by the Mexican dramas?

Even their songs have invaded our taste, no matter if it was in another language, their songs are deeply loved by Filipino fans.

That's why whenever they spend days here in the Philippines to prepare for a concert, the tickets are always sold out. The merchandise they sell is always bought.

However since the taste in tv dramas has shifted to more Asian ones, netizens and fans alike couldn't help but notice the resemblance of some Korean artists to our very own local celebrities.

Like for example, Goblin's Gong Yoo look-alike is our very own Kuya Kim Atienza. The resemblance is there just avoid imagining Kuya Kim in a zoo else you'll be seeing Gong Yoo in an entirely different light.

Angel Locsin also has a Korean counterpart, and it's driving the fans insane. The girl group Twice has a member who looks like Angel Locsin, you just can't help but compare the two.

Her name is Yoo Jeongyeon, and she's one pretty girl wherein Korean fans love her even if she starts dressing like a guy.

Some had even wondered of her real sexuality since she can pull off a male look so well it makes the fans squeal and fall in love.

She looks absolutely stunning no matter what she wears. According to reports, in their music video, "What is Love?" Fans loved her boyish look so much they think she might be bisexual.

Check out more of her stunning photos:

Another Korean artist is a dancer/singer from Momoland. Her resemblance with the darling of the media, Liza Soberano is so uncanny it has raised Momoland's fame. Many netizens have been following them and singing their songs.

It's funny how these celebrities look alike that it makes you think there might be some recipe in rising to stardom. But we can only love them more for their hard work and how they love their fans as well.


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