Friday, 29 December 2017

An Old Suitcase That Belongs to a German Soldier Who Fought in World War II Had Been Discovered In Russia

It has been a long time since the global destruction that the World War II had brought. The catastrophic event had led to a lot of devastation in different countries which wasted thousands of lives.

If it weren't for the military alliance of the United Nations, the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis might have expanded their powers on different countries. It had shaped the very existence of the future of alliances of nations which led to peace treaties.

It just so happened that there are still remnants of the past war which had been discovered that values most by historians. One treasure had been found in the area of Nevsky Pyatachok. Local experts and Russian historians aided hand in hand in discovering such relic which was excavated from a very old trunk that belongs to a German soldier on the era of World War II.

The chest was so odd and very fragile as time had worn out the exterior of the treasure. It was filled with random stuff like alcohol, uniforms, shoes, and a wallet which belongs to a German Nazi soldier which might have been an SS soldier. It also had an untouched box filled with high-end cigars. According to the DailyMail news article, the owner of the chest might have been on the Eastern front lines during the World War II. The area where he had been assigned was one of the bloodiest battlefields in the European sector.

The German Empire declared a war against Russia after the Nazis broke a non-aggression pact and began their invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941. Although many people knew the history of the war, a lot of stories and lives were taken from a lot of people in the advent of the bloodshed during the years of turmoil.

Although there are still clarifications and authentication of the trunk that really proves if it was owned by this soldier, the belongings will be returned to its rightful place in the soldier's family.

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source: thegoodfeed


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