Wednesday, 10 January 2018

100 Houses Was Been Donated By World Class Filipino Boxing Champion Nonito Donaire Jr For The Typhoon Victims In Iloilo

With the purest of heart, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr had gifted 100 houses to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Lemery, Iloilo. Donaire had shown his affection again towards the Filipino victims which truly proves his kindness for the ones who had been affected by misfortune.

In 2013, the Philippines had undergone a tragic incident where it put the whole country in a very miserable state. A lot of families had lost their loved ones and also their homes.

It had torn a lot of buildings due to the surges of storms that wasted almost all the towns that were affected. It was considered as one of the strongest hurricanes that ever came in the Philippines. 

Even up till now, the wake of destruction still lingers and the rehabilitation of the town remains incomplete. A lot of people also still are missing up until now due to the catastrophic event. Other generous people had also helped a lot of victims that were affected and sent relief goods.

They build a residence over the town that was affected by the storm which is headed by the WBA flyweight world champion, Nonito Donaire Jr., along with the English business owner Greg Secker and his foundation that seeks to offer aid for the ones that suffered in Iloilo from the tropical cyclone.

Donaire Jr. shared on his Facebook webpage that they only want this to help them re-establish their lives and homes that they lost. All of the people were also had been given relief goods and clothes to help them survive the calamity.

In 2009, Nonito also helped in the reconstruction of the houses that were also affected in the Typhoon Ondoy by giving millions of pesos to the ones who had a catastrophic incident. It is truly a marvelous act of kindness that was displayed by the Champion!

No words could express how all of the people who had been helped by Nonito are deeply thankful for his courageous acts.

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