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15 Things Women Find Attractive and Appealing In A Man

Not only with looks but, there are a lot of intricate factors in men where women find appealing. Women base their likeliness over men with their characteristics and personality, but some women prefer a distinct attribute that influences their behavior over men.

This appeal positively affects them in a way that they could lose themselves and could easily sweep them off by their feet.

These are the qualities that women search in men that they find attractive:

Facial Hair

Men with bearded face attract more women than men who have not. They quickly take women's attention especially if they are well-groomed. This intricate factor suite the needs of women who search for a more manly figure. Growing some well-trimmed facial hair will make you an ideal bachelor for women that they want to get in touch with.

Broader Jawline

Having a broader jawline has a certain appeal for women. Having a good bone structure that features good facial points attracts more women as survey states. They are also more photogenic in pictures such as those male models in popular advertisement brands.

Red Color

Based on surveys, men are more attractive if they wear red colored attire. It brings out more complexity in their manly figure. It provides a more dominant visage on men that arouses women in a different level.

Husky Voice

Men that have a more in-depth voice is proven to attract more women than men with high pitched tone. They exhibit a different kind of attraction on women which finds them sexy and wild. They could address their feelings more vivid when they speak that's why women couldn't help but fall on the tone voice.

Sharp Eyes

Women can't seem to focus on the eyes of men who have this intricate detail. They could easily distract their focus on the sharpness of men's eyes. Having a darker and thicker shade around the iris makes men more seductive and slicker.


Women have a lot of fondness for men that has a tall figure. It gives them comfort and also the reluctance of having someone that could protect them from any harm or danger. It also appeases them to have someone that is higher than them who will wrap them around their arms.

A Muscular Body

Women want to have a partner that are sexy and have a well-toned muscle. Having a muscular physique makes men more attractive because of the notion that men could protect them much more.


An easy way to a woman's heart is through humor. Women tend to be more comfortable with men who are funny and witty than men who are serious and straightforward. Women seek men who could quickly make them laugh despite their looks.

Decent Smile

All girls could easily fall on men who have a decent smile that could make them head over heels. Men who have a charismatic smile could ease all the stress and pain that most people have that's why it attracts more positivity than men who are more sexually desirable.


Being kind and humane attracts all the goodness in the world especially women. They seek more linear meaning in men who are helpful and honest. These are one of the top qualities that men must have to get the girl that they are searching for the rest of their lives.

Perfect Teeth

Having a perfectly aligned teeth makes men more attractive. Men tend to be more astute and look more well-mannered because of their teeth. Having this quality also makes men more confident about their smile which also boosts their attraction for women.


Men who are more compassionate and romantic is a real score in making women weak to their knees. It provides a soft quality in men which women search in their lifetime partner.


Women seek a quality of a man being adventurous and free-willed. They want a partner that could take them to different places that could have a little sense of danger which will add a thrill in their life.


They want men to be more family-oriented which is a must in a relationship. Women seek a partner that has a strong sense of commitment to their family who respects and adores them.

A Good Cook

Women love a man who could cook better than them. It brings a more sexual attraction to men who know the drills in the kitchen. Most men who are into culinary are much more appealing than men who work at the office. It gives a sense of lustful desire for girls who adores food.

What are your thoughts about these factors that women love? Share it with this article!

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