Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Japanese Clothing Company Launches Their New Design a Skimpy Backless Sweater 'With Cleavage' That Will Surely Dominate 2018

Do you consider yourself as one of those people who loves fashion and style? Who loves to experiment clothes and go daring with it? Then this new trending piece of cloth that was made by the Japanese was sure fits you but make sure that you are brave enough and you have all the guts and self-confidence to wear this.

This famous Japanese clothing line was designed and released by Village Vanguard which received mixed comments and reactions from people because of its weird but very daring and sexy design.

It was a knitted sweater jumper which leaves little detail to every man’s creative thoughts. It was named as “Virgin Killer” which has a backless design that exposed the entire back of every woman who will wear this piece of cloth.

According to a report made by Daily Mail, Virgin Killer got a huge hit in its first appearance to the public, because of the photos of Japanese models wearing that tiny piece of clothing.

The said appearance gain a big response from the public which was not expected by Village Vanguard and because of customers’ high demand, they are now getting ready for the next batch of the said clothing design. Virgin Killer costs 3,980 Japanese Yen or 1,700 to 1,800 in Philippine peso.

In one of their interviews, the company spokesperson stated that “The original model was a social phenomenon because of the sexiness of the bumper. The long-awaited new models appeal to the cleavages, and they have the signature open back.”

“These designs are perfect for the season as parties and events increase. Please take responsibility wearing them at your own risk,” which he also added.

Fashion plays an important role in our life, some may consider it as a means of self-expression while some as a waste of time and money. Whether we choose to follow the latest trends or whether we prefer to create our own, there is no denying that fashion can also raise one's self-esteem. So always dress to impress and live to the fullest.

source: elitereaders


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