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A Very Sad Story of a Couple Who Celebrated Their First Wedding Anniversary But After Eight Days Girl Passed Away

Losing the love of your life would be the saddest and hardest thing that one could ever experience. This guy had to endure the pain after his wife passed away Eight days after their first wedding anniversary.

Aldrin Talplacido grew his love affection towards his wife, Angel when they were still in college. Aldrin and Angel had the same class for one semester.

Angel caught Aldrin’s attention when they first met. A lot of men in Aldrin’s class were dazzled by Angel’s beauty. Later on, Aldrin asked for Angel’s number on a slam book where she supposedly has to fill up. It was not that long until the two got utterly attached to each other.

It was Aldrin’s happiest moment when he asked Angel if she could be his girlfriend. The beautiful lady couldn’t reject his offer as she had also adored him too.

Having Angel for almost seven years, Aldrin decided to propose to her and sought for the right moment on their anniversary.

Aldrin asked Angel and said: ”I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. Look at me.” He get down on his knees and asked Angel if she would you marry him. Angel gladly answered yes and took his proposal wholeheartedly.

But before getting married, they unexpectedly experience a lot of trials before getting married. He stated that: "I am a very jealous person. I get mad whenever I see someone close to my fiance. Little did I know, that this guy was pursuing Angel."

They eventually get through to their struggles and committed a lifetime with each other. Aldrin said that: "For me, that was the happiest moment especially seeing her walk toward the altar."

Aldrin also added that: “Everything we experienced in the past seven years of our relationship was no joke. It was fulfilling to see our families gathered in one place for the first time and in front of God and of our families, God made us one.”

They were also blessed with a very beautiful child which made their lives very special. But all of it turned sour as the inevitable tragic incident had come its way to their family.

After quite some time, Angel began having difficulties. Aldrin recalled: “I went to her and asked, What's happening?” Angel replied, “Daddy, Daddy, I give up.”

Aldrin knew something was wrong as his heart started pounding loudly on his chest.

“I was really afraid to lose her. I said to her 'Mommy, don't give up. Just relax'. But when I saw the doctors panicked, I just shouted 'Lord, please save my wife,' Aldrin expressed his feelings.”

His wife was rushed to the emergency room after having some difficulty in breathing.

He saw the doctor was doing some resuscitation although the doctor said that Angel was doing fine. But when he looked at the monitor showing Angel’s vital signs, he saw Angel’s heart rate deteriorating.

Aldrin prayed to God and asked Him: "Lord, you know how hard I fought for my wife. But now, I am begging You not to take her from me. She's everything I have. I don't want our child to grow up without a mother."

After some brief moments, Angel died.

It was devastating for Aldrin as he shared his lamentations on Angel’s burial and said: "When I saw Angel being brought to the funeral car, I remember the day she was walking to meet at the altar. The happiness that I felt on the day of our wedding is the extreme opposite of what I am feeling now. However, I believe that one day we'll meet again."

His pastor encourages Aldrin to gather strength to endure the hardships and to focus on his child. He also shared that: "There will be times when you will question the Lord, but in the end, God is God. You may not know the reason why it happened, but if He allowed it to happen, you could accept it."

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