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Couple Lives in an Abandoned Sewer for 22 Years, But Despite Their Situation, They Manage to Renovate it and Make it More Look Like a Home

There are a lot of people who want to live in a city hoping for a big opportunity, sadly a lot of these people has no house to call them home, and most of them ended up living in the street.

Some of these people who are seeking better opportunities are ended up doing wrong deeds just to survive their daily needs. Colombia is one of the most known Countries which are popular when it comes to the sales of drugs.

And here were Miguel Restrepo story begins a former drug addict who finds a way to get out of drugs business and now currently living in an abandoned sewer with his wife and his dog.

Miguel Restrepo, a former drug addict that lives in Colombia, had taken his toll from the path of evil deeds and found himself out of the drug business of Medellin. For almost 22 years, he had lived under an old sewer hole with his wife and their pet dog.

To make it more look like a home, Miguel made little renovations around the sewer. They also provided a stove, a fan, and a bed to make it more suitable for providing shelter for the both of them. They also installed television for their entertainment.

The underground sewer hole is only three meters wide and two meters deep. They also installed some home appliances under the sewer even though it just has a little space, but they still manage to provide enough space for their pet dog, Blackie.

Miguel and Garcia are both a homeless person living on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. Even though they were already settled under the sewer hole, the local government might still apprehend them and force them out of the area because it is still city property.

Medellin is known for its cruel street as it was famed to be known because of the renowned drug cartel which originated in Columbia. It is the second largest city in their country and is the capital of the mountainous Antioquia Province.

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