Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Magandang Babae, Iniwan ng Kanyang Boyfriend Matapos Malaman na Buntis, Pero to the Rescue ang Poging Lalaki na ito 'Mr. Right' na Nag-alaga sa Kanya at sa Kanyang Baby

Nowadays, Social media and social networking play an imperative part in every people’s lives around the world. Some use this as a way of communicating with their loved ones while some as a way of expressing their selves, their emotions, their daily activities and even their heartaches and problems.

Some use this to raise awareness and inform everyone about their bad experiences. However, a woman and her new boyfriend proudly shared their story on social media.

This woman by the name of Nicole, wrote a post on social media about her life after her ex-boyfriend left her while she was carrying their unborn baby and how her current boyfriend accepted and treated the baby as his own. She said, "A few months ago when I was still pregnant with my baby, I was very depressed and didn't like to socialize much with others.

However, when I met my current boyfriend, we slowly became friends even though he knew I was pregnant and he bolstered my confidence with his care and concern."

“One day, he decided that even though I was pregnant with another man's baby, he was in love with me and wanted to take care of the both of us. He bought a bouquet of flowers and confessed his feelings for me, but I did not accept him at that time because I was not ready", she added.

Even though she still rejected whatever the gift the guy gave her, it didn’t stop him from expressing his love and care for her and her baby. His patience and perseverance toward her, caused her to break down her pride and accept him.

However, she was worried about the guy because even though he accepted the child as his own maybe later he might disown they, baby, so she asked him, "Are you sure you wouldn't mind taking care of a baby that is not biologically yours?" But the guy’s response can melt every woman’s heart especially when you are in woman’s situation as he looked at her, he was serious and answered sincerely, "The baby may not have my DNA but she is still a human being, and you have carried her all these months. Since I have already decided to be with you, I will also love and treat her like she's my child."

He proved his love for her and her baby by taking good care of her throughout her pregnancy and shared some of his knowledge about pregnancy that can help her. In fact, when the time came that she needs to give birth to her baby, he was more excited and nervous than her.

She shared it by telling that, “I was so touched by his actions and all the sacrifices he has made for me and my baby. Now that both of us have been discharged from the hospital, he still shows us with his love and affection."

Her post ended by thanking him for all the love and sacrifices he had done for them and that she appreciates everything.

It is one sweet story that lightens our hearts and renews our view of humanity. Love is truly a magical thing. It can fix hearts that have been broken.

source: phtrending


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