Thursday, 4 January 2018

Guy Broke-up with Her Girlfriend After Losing His Arm Thinking that he will Only Bring Burden to The Woman He Loved. But What His Girlfriend Did Makes Everyone Cry.

After having a severe accident which impaired him for the rest of his life, a man was prompted to leave his girlfriend to keep her away from the burden that he will carry if they get married.

They both live in New Taipei City and were supposedly planned to get married in 2018 after being with each other for more than 4 years.

But after he lost his arm in a car accident, he was completely torn by the thought that her girlfriend would suffer from a lifetime burden that she doesn't deserve if he continues to ask her to marry him.

As soon as his Attendee Physicians informed him that he needs to undergo amputation surgery as it was the only dire option for his therapy, the boy decided to break up with his sweetheart. But the girl refused to break up with him and instead made a plan. She asked help with a group of close friends which also included a violinist to set up a surprise wedding proposal to his boyfriend.

She made a video for him to see how she was devastated by the break up which was shown to him before her proposal. She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

She is ready to face every trial and burden that the world would offer to her as long as she is with him. After seeing the video, he was touched by her actions as his eyes were filled with tears.

The team that she prepared for his boyfriend had lightened up the vibe of the healthcare facility where the man was confined. As the violinist plays a romantic song, every person that she brought was holding a rose and offered it to him. His girlfriend was wearing a wedding gown and holding a bouquet flower brightened up the room as she approached his man.

The woman promised her affection and told him that: “You have taken care of me for these four years and I am really grateful for that. Now it is my turn to do so. If you will take me as your wife, then accept these flowers.”

He said to her in return that: “I will do everything I can to get better, and keep hold of your hand for the rest of my life.”

It was indeed the best moment of their lives as they had prevailed to win each other back despite the pain that they had taken.

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source: phtrending


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