Sunday, 7 January 2018

Jollibee Delivery Boy Earns Praises from Netizens After a Pictures of Him Was Captured While Enduring the Flood Just to Deliver the Costumer's Order On Time

Working in bad weather such as stormy weather can give you a lot of difficulties all throughout your day especially when your job is on the field and required you to move from place to another place.

It can give you a hard time to do your job, and it can also give you the risk of getting sick because of the rain. But a story of a Jollibee delivery boy went viral after he ignores the stormy weather and the flooded street just to accomplish his job.

A Jollibee delivery guy gets the praises of netizens on social media because of his perseverance. A picture of him captured while he bravely passed through a flooded street just to deliver the food to his customer.

Regardless of the obstacle that he must surpass, he willingly faced the flood just to satisfy the needs of their costumer. A lot of company trains their employees to become more skillful in their craft. But this employee showed a unique action that amazed a lot of people.

He is truly an inspiring employee that needs to be commended for his work.

It was the time when Typhoon Gorio brought ill storms that provided surges of flood throughout the low lying areas of the entire Metro Manila. It seems like the customer who ordered the food has a rough time that's why he ordered food at a fast food chain which is most convenient.

A lot of people admired the delivery guy and made a lot of impressions with the netizens all over the social media. Despite the deep, murky floods that made the streets almost impassable to cross, it never hindered him from doing his job.

It is truly a commendable notion for the individual employee and the management itself because of their dedication in providing a desperate act of bravery amidst the stormy weather.

Even though some netizens provided a flak of criticism against the management, it is still their best interest to reach out to their valued customer and provide their utmost services.

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source: readersportal


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