Saturday, 27 January 2018

Limited Edition of "Valentines Panty" With Unique and Funny Design Went Viral

A lot of people are expecting a lot for the Valentine's Day that's why most of them are eager in preparing for that special day. It is a special day where people commemorate the feast of Saint Valentine which is also known as "Heart's day."

It is a kind of day where most people celebrate it by decorating cafes, restaurants, and malls with heart artworks all over the world. Most people also buy flowers and chocolates for their beloved partners just to appease them for that lovely celebration.

Just to share the love in the special month of February, people around the world make an effort and try new stuff in attracting their loved ones.

Most women also make an effort to satisfy most of their partner by trying something a little bit new. They wear sexy lingerie to seduce and fill up their desires for that special day. Just like this very intricate item which got viral after posting it on a buy and sell group.

Some people also provide special gifts for their partner such as the recent sale offer from the Facebook buy and sell group called "Hachi's Buy and Sell." It is a unique item called the "Valentine's Panty" which is a very limited edition piece. It has a different kind of design which got quite famous as many people got intrigued by it.

Check out the picture of this Valentine Panty:

image via: facebook/Estongil Lacaba Honrado

It is nothing short of ordinary, but a lot of netizens got interested in it and made it quite viral. It gained a thousand of shares and reaction on their Facebook page. Many people tried to order this authentic lingerie as the Valentines day comes.

They also said that the product is only available for a limited time but comes for a cheap price of Php 200 plus an additional Php 50 for the shipping fee.

You can find the Facebook post here:

What are your thoughts about this special "Valentines Underwear?" Share it with this article.

source: danified


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