Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Look: PBB's First Grand Winner, Nene Tamayo And Her Life Today

Many of the winners of ABS CBN's Pinoy Big Brother continued their stardom as they pursued to be a part of show business.

The famous Kim Chui proved that she could be a part of show business as she was partnered with fellow former PBB housemate Gerald Anderson in the first few years after their exit at "Bahay ni Kuya".

Then they both found other jobs aside from acting such as modeling, hosting, singing, dancing and advertising.

Daniel Matsunaga, James Reid, Myrtle Sarrosa, and Showtime's Hashtag Jimboy Martin also continued their journeys in show business even after their time at "Bahay ni Kuya" has already ended.

But there are also other housemates and winners of Pinoy Big Brother who found different paths as they ventured into business and other investments rather than acting or being famous. They chose to continue their lives a businessmen or businesswomen; others studied that led them to a quiet and peaceful life.

Nene Tamayo, Pinoy Big Brother's first grand winner was one of the people who chose to have this life. The Romblomanon decided to end her career as a celebrity that made others wondering where is she now and what happened to her nowadays.

Nene may not be successful in the show business but she outstanding in her personal life. Today, she is happily married to her husband, Anthony Plamio and also a proud mother of one, Antonio. They may not be a big family but they are happy, and it made them closer to each other.

Nene today is an entrepreneur or a businesswoman, and she currently owns her own Food business, the Nene Prime Foods. It is a home-based business, and it helped Nene to also excel in cooking. Nene's business was at first only a sideline job, but it became successful, and now it is her primary business already. There are also speculations that she might expand her business overseas.

We could see now that Nene is having the prime of her life as she enjoys being a partner to her husband, a happy mother to her kid, and a successful businesswoman. With all these accomplishments in life, we wish Nene Tamayo all the best in life!

Look at some of her photos together with her happy family:

To know more about Nene Tamayo, you can follow her on Instagram as @kumander_n.

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source: showbizinsider


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