Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Lucky OFW Receives House and Lot as a Gift from her Former Employer in UAE

Filipinos who are looking for a better life for their family often choose to take risk overseas to earn more money for the needs of their family.

Despite the big possibilities that their life will be in danger of being abused by their employer they still pursue to land the job and leave their family.

You can often see many OFWs suffering from different kinds of abuses, some of them are posting on their social media account asking for help, but not all OFWs abroad suffer from abuses there are also some who are very lucky with their employer just like the story of a 45-year-old OFW.

Dina Tenerife Celo began to work as an OFW in Saudi Arabia in 1994 but her situation abroad didn't go well as she expected, she refused to give more details about what happened to her in Saudi, but she said that her first year abroad is been rough and her dreams went downhill.

She decided to go back home while she is waiting for her application to the United Arab Emirates.

Luckily with the help of an agency, Dina got a job and worked for Melissa McPike's as a household helper in Khalifa City in 1998. Aside from a household helper, she was also assigned as a Yaya for the two kids named Saif and Saeed.

Dina was very lucky because she did not experience any abused by her employer, in fact, she was treated well and was loved by the family where she served for two years. Sadly she has to leave and need to look for another job after her contract has been expired.

She landed another job, but this time she worked as a cashier and waitress, but despite all, Dina and her former boss still keep in touch. Dina worked hard and landed more job until she got sick and needed to go home to the Philippines.

When McPike learned about her situation, she contacted Dina and gifted her Dh23,000 (P320,000) last October 2017 and tell her to use the money to buy a land in her hometown.

McPike even tells that she will support her to build her dream home. Dina told McPike that when the construction finish she will invite McPike whole family to her house.

 “Madam Missa, maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng ibinigay mo sa akin… sa mabuting pakikitungo sa akin.

(“Madam Missa, thank you for all the things you’ve given me… for how you’ve treated me.)

“Kay Saeed na ngayon ay piloto na at kay Saif, maraming salamat sa pagiging mabuting mga alaga. Hindi ko makakalimutan itong niregalo niyo sa akin,” she said.

(To Saeed who is now a pilot and to Saif, thank you for being behaved. I’ll never forget this gift from you.)

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source: viral4real


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