Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Man with a Stinky Feet Went to a Fish Spa with his Girlfriend to Relax But Ended Up Killing All The Fish

A middle-aged man from Beijing China and identified as Wong has a hilarious and embarrassment moment in a spa session.

According to the story that Mr. Wong went to a near spa to relax but didn't expect that things will not go the way he supposed to be as he ended up murdering all the fish with unexpected way.

The fish supposed to give him the relaxation he needs but when he started to put his feet in the water, the fish began to die one by one.

How did that happen? Well, He has stinky feet.

Based on information gathered by World of Buzz that Wong is an IT expert and been working for ten years in a huge company. Because he is loaded with too much work he often works overtime and has already forgotten to clean himself when he arrived home due to tiredness.

Wong is already 35 years old and still single, his parents begun to worry about their son's life and decided to make a way to help their son have a girlfriend. They manage to introduced wong into a fine and gorgeous lady, and luckily it went well.

At 35 Wong finally got her first girlfriend and decided to marry her shortly. The couple celebrated their New Year's Eve together and decided to do some exciting activities such as steamboating until his girlfriend asks him to go into a fish spa session.

Wong started to make excuses to not to go to the spa because he knows that he has a hygiene problem on his foot, but eventually they still went to the fish.

When they arrived at the spa, Wong Immediately removed his shoes and wrapped his feet in a towel and went directly to the water tank and dipped his legs.

The Fish Spa employee started to collect the payment from them but when the time was over the staff was shocked as he found all the fish dead and smell something bad coming from the water.

The employee asks Wong to pay the damage because he thought that Wong purposely killed all the fish. Wong explained what really happened and said that he wasn't intentionally killed the fish and the problem is his feet because he hasn't properly washed his feet for almost ten years because of the busy schedule in his work.

Fortunately, Wong's girlfriend didn't break up with him but asks Wong to make a promised that he would work on his personal hygiene to avoid this unexpected embarrassment.

The story of Wong's is an unusual story but also remind us to look at our personal hygiene even we have a busy schedule. It is very important to a person to give themselves a time for their personal hygiene.

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source: buzzflare


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