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Meet Masabuni Hosono The Only Japanese Survivor of the Titanic and Was Called a Coward for Not Dying to Saved Other Passengers

A lot of Japanese people take pride in their culture about keeping their honor intact and sometimes, trade it with their lives. They have high regards for it that sometimes their society tend to ridicule other people if they had dishonored it.

Masabuni Hosono is one of the few survivors of the tragic incident of the Titanic. He had never thought that it would be one of the gravest things that he would have to endure for the rest of his life.

At the age of 42, he was working as a civil servant in the Japanese ministry of transportation. In 1910, he went to Russia for research for their state railway system. On his way back home, he detoured for London and then straight to Southampton to board the Titanic on April 10, 1912.

Even though he survived the sinking of the ship, he was shamed for not sacrificing his own life.

On the night of the tragic incident, Hosono was still asleep in his cabin until later awakened by a steward. He was told that he must evacuate for safety and get up on deck to seek a way to save himself.

A lot of lifeboats were used as people went one by one. But as a lifeboat being loaded by passengers, a sailing official shouted that there is still room left until the boat will be set off the ship.

A man jumped towards the lifeboat which urged Hosono to leap as well out of panic.

He stayed with lots of refugees in New York for a couple of days before returning his way home in Japan. Hosono was criticized by a lot of media circus and told him that he was a coward for not sacrificing and face death to save others instead of himself. 

He was ostracized by the society and later fired from his job due to his shortcomings in the Japanese culture.

Although, he was reinstated in his job in the ministry of transport because he was a valuable asset for them to lose. He lived the rest of his life with shame and left his family dishonored.

Until his death, he lived a life full of shame. But after the blockbuster movie Titanic, a lot of the Japanese people accepted his actions during the incident. They understand that Hosono was only thinking his own family and made it out for his will to survive.

The surviving family members of Hosono told that they were relieved as his honor had been restored to his family.

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