Thursday, 11 January 2018

Netizens Can't Help But Fall In-loved with This Gorgeous Lady Who Held Baby Mela Francisco

People couldn’t help themselves from getting all snuggly about the cuteness of babies. Getting overly attached is an easy feat for a kid just like this video which features their bubbliness.

A viral video currently circulates the social media over the gorgeous primetime queen Liza Soberano which is holding baby Mela Francisco. In this video, she is wrapping the baby in her arms as she seemed to be fond of her caress. Liza said in the video "Ang ganda niya" to baby Mela.

Liza couldn’t resist hugging the cute baby girl.

Liza Soberano is considered as the most famous artist in the showbiz industry. A lot of people admire her because of her beauty and her acting skills. Being partnered with Enrique Gil, they became sensational all over the country and is famed as “LizQuen” loveteam. They had amassed a lot of followers in the social media streams.

People can’t help but play with these types of kids especially with the cute little girl Mela Francisco.

Having a daughter like Mela made the lives of Jason and Melai to become more wonderful and more fulfilling. It is truly a remarkable blessing for them to acquire such gift of love.

A lot of her followers seeks her well-being and have good health as she grows more bigger as an adult. With proper guidance of her parents, she would have a better future ahead and gain a lot of knowledge from them.

It is clear to see that Mela is loved by her fans as they keep track of her progress in her life through the social media. With the aid of Mela’s closest family, updating the community of her frequent achievements with her developmental milestones would be an easy task.

What are your thoughts about this very lovely baby Mela having her fun time with Liza Soberano? Share it with this article!

source: topoftheline


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