Friday, 26 January 2018

Old Looking Lady Security Guard Surprised Netizens After She Was Transformed by a Popular Stylist and Makeup Artist

Have you ever heard someone say you don't look your age? In order to make ends meet, we look for high paying jobs, not caring whether it's a dangerous job or not. It is in our nature to endure and survive whatever comes in our way. Although nowadays, most jobs aren't gendered biased, we still have to consider what's best for our health.

Most people don't consider that taking night shifts isn't good for the body, and some keep on working throughout the day leaving little to no time to take personal care of themselves.

A woman named Snow works as a female security guard. Being a security guard is a critical job but most of her time was spent under the heat of the sun and clouded by smoke from the cars passing by.

In the photos, there is no denying that her job has taken its toll on her. Because of the nature of her job, heat and pollution were damaged her skin. Eyebags were prominent, and her darkened skin was dry.

You wouldn't even believe her to be only 26 years old as she looks like in her mid 40's. One day, a popular makeup artist and stylist named PanPan, called her and offered to transform Snow into a beauty that she really is.

She first started with Snow's eyebrows, shaping them in what best suits her facial features. Then they applied moisturizer for her dry skin, primer, and then concealer to hide her eyebags. Panpan continued to apply makeup, focusing on hiding the blemishes on her skin.

After a while, the result shocked everyone. Snow truly transformed into a beautiful young lady. Her face was lightened back to her normal skin tone, her hair styled and the clothes showed off her curves.

There are probably more females the same as in Snow's situation, wherein they didn't have much time to focus on their looks. There are lots transformation stories out there, but Snow's story gained a lot of positive feedbacks because they feel like Snow needed the help to bring back her confidence.

source: TNP


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