Monday, 22 January 2018

Photos of a Surgeon Went Viral After Caught Sleeping On the Hospital Floor After Performing 5 Surgeries in his Epic 28-Hour Shift

While series of movies promote heroes in capes and tight leggings, our real-life heroes are often forgotten. But a modern day hero wearing a scrub suit, face mask, and scrub cap earned praises from netizens in social media.

Being a doctor comes with expectations that they can cure you or save your life from a terminal disease, and we often overlook that they are humans too. Lou Heng, a surgeon from China, was seen sleeping on a mat in a hospital corridor.

In the photo that was taken on the 30th of March, he was wearing a scrub suit, face mask, and his scrub cap. His arms were crossed on his chest, his legs bent, possibly trying to consume more space on his tiny sleeping mat, his slippers off and his phone lying beside him. It may not look comfortable, but he reportedly finished five surgeries on his 28-hour shift at the hospital.

It is unclear what kind of surgery it was, but it appears this hardworking surgeon did not mind the small sleeping mat he was lying in. We can only assume that it was truly a fulfilling day for this man.

Some may think that this photo does not overly flatter the image of our surgeons around the world, but this photo reveals much more about the life of being a surgeon. It is an eye-opener for us and to our future doctors. We can only appreciate their dedication and passion in their chosen field.

There are times in life that we may have to decide what compromises we have to make, such as choosing whether to spend your minute break to rest or buy coffee and haphazardly operate on your next patient. Thankfully, Luo Heng did not choose the latter.

An aspiring doctor will have to go to med school which may take a lot of years more than any other profession. As a student, they already face hard training and intensive hours with their medical books.

They also study throughout their whole career. With those things in mind, they still push on to be these heroes that probably have given up even their personal and social lives.

Regardless of how often they sacrifice for their chosen career, they still strive to improve and help people. We can only hope that as surgery and medical technology continues to evolve, these heroes may finally avoid long hour shifts as it might take a toll on their health

source: metabuzz


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