Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Only Plan of this Girl is to Visit Her BF On-board But Didn't Expect That It Would Ended up in a Heart-melting Wedding Proposal

A Facebook post has gone viral after a seaman’s girlfriend shared her story and some pictures of her boyfriend’s proposal while they are onboard a ship. The post gains a lot of reactions and comments from many Facebook users as they been hooked with their intimate time on the sea.

The story has been shared on the Seaman’s Girlfriend Confessions by the seaman’s girlfriend and became quite popular as netizens all over the group got overjoyed about the sweetness that was shown by the seaman.

She was quite shocked after seeing his boyfriend bent a knee and asked her out for marriage. She never knew that it would end up just like that because she only planned to visit him on the ship.

She elaborated that she just want to see him personally after a long time of deprivation between the two. Luckily, the ship would pass by the Philippines.

The seaman’s girlfriend never expected the surprise that was waiting for her yet she knew that his boyfriend was already planning the whole marriage thing all along. Even her family had already known about the wedding proposal.

She got a little excited and also proud of the soon-to-be husband because of the effort that he did to her future wife.

Although a lot of negative feedback was given to the post that she shared on the said Facebook page, she said that she didn’t get bothered by it. She stated that it was not the first time that she shared her love story on Facebook that’s why it's not that unusual for her.

The future “Mrs. Dela Cruz” had told that she would still update their avid followers on her social media account in their sweet love story.

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