Sunday, 14 January 2018

This Man Threw a Lot of Money Across the Hospital Corridor Because the Doctor Said that they Can't Treat His Cancer Anymore

A lot of People always says that if you have a lot of money, you can buy and do everything you want. But this is not true. Money can help you suit your needs but can't protect you from harmful diseases like cancer.

Maybe you are capable of paying all the needs of your body to cure deadly disease such as cancer, but it can't assure you that your money will save your life.

This is what happens to a rich man who threw a huge amount of money all over the corridor of a hospital after the doctor refuses to treat her cancer.

According to a Facebook post that a man came at the Harbin Provincial Hospital carrying a bag full of money. Upon her arrival, he immediately looks for doctors who can assist her with her health problem.

Her doctor advised her to undergo a series of examinations to trace the root of her illness and was later identified that he was suffering from a stage four cancer.

This stage of cancer is the final stage where there is no way the doctor can help her to treat her cancer. No more medications or treatment could save a patient life when the cancer stage is on its final level.

This stage of cancer are usually bedridden for months and slowly dying every single day.

The man was wealthy and offer the doctors huge amount of money just to save her from inevitable death. Sadly the doctor turned down their head and told the lady that there is nothing they can do because the cancer is already spread to her body and already unstoppable.

Because of her depression, the man was so furious and still insisting to the doctors to treat her whatever happens. He reached the point that her emotions already broke out and were provoked to throw and emptied the black bag with paper bills in the hospital corridor.

He said:

“What is the use of having the money.”

“Money cannot buy health, money cannot buy time, money cannot buy life.”

The story of this unidentified patient went viral and received a lot of support and prayers from netizens.

The story of this man only proves that money can't buy everything and the only thing that you should focus is not money but a happy life with your family and loved ones.

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source: metabuzz


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