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Watchmaker from Lucena Invented a Fan that Works Without Using Electricity or Battery

Ramon Salva, aged 69, had made an innovative invention that made most people lives in their city even better. He is a watchmaker hailed from Lucena City, Quezon which invented a fan that works without any means of electricity nor any attached battery through his hard work and patience.

He had dedicated his whole life for almost 50 years by fixing and repairing old watches from his avid costumers. But the most meaningful time in his career is when he built a machine capable of running without any means of electricity. It took him two decades to furnish his innovative craft that made his life even better than before.

With his hard work and perseverance, Ramon built a special fan called "Salfan" back in 1996. It was a tiny "electric" fan that doesn't need any electricity. He made this ideal fan that resembles the clockwork of a watch.

Ramon told in an interview that he couldn't afford to buy some essential parts in building this project that's why it took a long time to achieve his dream. He even can't register a patent for work because the government won't help his craft. The distance from Manila to his hometown took a toll for him to get recognized. ABS-CBN aided him and gave him money for his fare to get to Manila but used it to feed his family instead which is revealed on "Rated K."

The show helped him bring his invention, "Salfan," to the office of Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to provide a keener approach in reviewing his work as his own in Taguig City.

It would take a lot of work for his invention to be registered as his patent according to Engr. Janeth Cruzada, Senior Science Research Specialist. The process of filing forms and agreements that would prove that his work would not be identical to any other inventions around the world.


 Ramon believed that his project, "Salfan," is the only fan in the world that works without any source of energy. He still has high hopes that his years of dedication in fulfilling his dream to be known worldwide will be all worthy.

He stated in his interview on the "Rated K" that: “‘Di ko naman po pinangarap ang mayaman. Ang gusto ko po, kung ano lang ang ibibigay sa akin ng Diyos, iyon ang tatanggapin ko. Yun po ang aking pangarap. At makatulong po sa aking mga kapatid at ibang taong mahihirap kung sakaling ibibigay na sa akin ng Diyos iyan.”

Watch the full interview of Ramon Salva in this video:

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source: tnp


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