Sunday, 14 January 2018

Welcome to the aka "Flying Penthouse" World's Only Privately Owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner

World's wealthiest people can spend a tremendous amount of money for their convenience and luxury. If they want it they will get if for sure and what is the common favorite thing to purchase of these elite people? Well, probably a private jet for their convenience travel.

Recently a famous aviation blogger named Sam Chui shared a video tour of him with the Dreamliner B787 with registration plate "2-DEER" and considered as the world's only privately owned Boeing 787.

A lot of People using the internet who see his video tour "WOW" by the beauty and opulence of the aircraft which cost a whopping amount of $300 million and has been called as a "Flying Penthouse."

When you enter the aircraft for the first time, you will notice that the design of the plane is like a hotel where they equipped it with luxurious things inside. The aircraft can be rented for a hefty price tag of $25,000 per hour.

All the things inside the plane are very convenient for the passengers where they have a tablet that can control the television, lighting, window blinds and call flight attendants.

These luxurious aircraft features hardwood floors, sculptured hardwood doors, hand-crafted carpets and high domed ceiling.

All the amenities inside the plane are all modern and very exciting for the passengers. The main lounge has two big sofas with two dining tables that can accommodate 16 people. These sofas are placed in the middle area that can separate into two couches with just one press of a button.

The aircraft has a large master bedroom equipped with hidden television and an en-suite bathroom.

There are six seats equivalent to Premium Economy seats and Eighteen full flat seats similar to those in business class located at the rear side of the plane.

See the video below for your tour of this luxurious aircraft.

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source: elitereaders


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